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Al LoJack and Andy Cohen
Johnny Depp with Al LoJack's old 1956 fender telecaster

True fact this was my 1956 fender telecaster that I bought on 42 nd street in Manhattan (we buy guitars)for a$1000. I sold it to Johnny Depp for $600. He gave me two $300 payments. As we were both young aspiring musicians and knew Depp from the tight squeeze club where he used to play in a band called the kids. The Purchase,he came to a little room where I lived behind a house on Prairie Ave., Miami Beach, FL. Where I sold the guitar to Depp because he was a very cool dude and I never connected with the guitar. Telecasters and I don't connect. I only play custom shop fender Strat's that are heavy relics.


I know that 1956 fender telecaster I sold to Johnny Depp changed his life and in a great way! I hope one day he can reach out to AL LoJack and perhaps thank me for the impact that GUITAR had on his life. Perhaps maybe somebody out there can help us connect.

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